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Grand Source Investment Ltd. is a family corporation firm and established in the year 2000, capitalized by 16.0 Mio HK$ fund in Hong Kong.  

GSI brand QUMBET™  is award winner of 2010 New Delhi Common Wealth Games Urban Furniture, Mumbai Zone 6 coordinated street furniture program (2009) and Shanghai (2001) Municipality Cultural Newsstand chain.  
Previously designed, manufactured and supplied over 10thousands newspaper kiosks, bus shelters, payphones, city light panels, billboards to worldwide countries from China to India, Malaysia, Romania, Croatia, Poland
,USA, and Turkey. 

During in this decade over 500 units to Istanbul Municipality Newspaper Kiosks supplied by Qumbet in the year 2002.

Currently, GSI had been invited and ongoing working to renew existing Istanbul City kiosks to convert to Smart Kiosk in a PPP structure with Istanbul Municipality. GSI is also one of the fifth qualified attendees of Istanbul Digital Information Platform tender to bid for 20 years concession. 

Qumbet to perform its duties with respect to all aspects of delivering smart street furniture for smart cities around the globe under new expert team who are specialized for TMT (integration of Tech, Media, Telco plus Payment Hub) product development namely “PERI”

"Mr. Rabe .T. Iyer, Business Head, BIG Street told us “These wins are part of BIG Streets business plans to acquire long term, low risk and quick payback inventory … the expertise that Qumbet and VMG Global bring with them will see innovative and pioneering street furniture for the first time ever in the country. These strategic wins are key acquisitions for BIG Street, its revenue potentials promising to contribute significantly to the profitability of the Company.”

India Daily DOOH


direct sales

street furniture is
sold directly to clients base

on trade terms and conditions 



street furniture is traded directly with clients and/or regional advertising 

agencies for a reduced fee

and concessions rights of inflow of advertising incomes


street furniture is traded directly
with clients free of charge for
operational rights of local retail
franchise (including M&A
with Outdoor AD firm and retail

Qumbet Group

Grand Source Investments Ltd.

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Shenzhen Office
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