Qumbet concept to create an intelligent & coordinated street furniture program that serves as a central point for shared mobility; facilitates shared use of the sidewalk; provides directions and suggestions through wayfinding and interactive information; and promotes commerce through offline- Online market place and interactive advertising. The emergence of technologies, especially digital, wireless, and 5G, that can be supported by or work collaboratively with intelligent street furniture will also be an important part of the smart cities.

We strive to integrate optimum and

sophisticated functionality to our designs.

We are committed to

bringing exceptional quality to the core of our products.

We boast technical advancement with our refinement of production techniques in the industry via engineering of the ‘DIY-Like’ assembly method.

mutual respect
We are proud of our strong
client-focused and long-term
relationships with our manufacturers
who enable us to turn our unprecedented ideas into reality. 


"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

Bill Moyers

Our creativity is to create radically improved public space for cities around the world via innovative street furniture.
A world where cities are occupied with state-of-the-art sky-scrapers, we make sure not to forget what’s on the ground by providing solutions that compound public services with advertising efficiency!
A world, ultimately, where ubiquitous ‘soul-less’ street furniture can cease to exist.

We are passionate probes of
cities to create an array of
furniture for compelling fits

with the cities

We work proactively to ensure that our collections for cities employ a thematic progression and follow a sensible regiment of

We pride ourselves in restlessly creating solutions that surpass market norm for unoriginal designs of street furniture of today.

We have an absolute
commitment to introducing
thoughtful and inspiring street furnitures.