IDENTIFICATION of the City; accordingly makes Coordinated Street Furniture Program 

The core principles of urban design can be applied through a coordinated street furniture program, taking an integrated approach to public realm design. Urban design can shape the interaction between people and their surroundings, ensuring they enjoy and benefit from functional and attractive public spaces. The correct approach actively encourages people to take pride in public areas and streetscapes, and has a direct effect on the formation of successful communities.


The use of co-ordinated bench seats, signposts, bollards, bins and other elements creates visual harmony, a presence within an area that contributes to the character of the public realm and creates a sense of place and of community. While functionality is important, the aesthetics are too. One without the other will fail in its goals.

The aim for most schemes is to create recognisable, attractive and consistent places, with a singular aesthetic; to link communities and public spaces by creating character and identity.

Advertising  in the city & Promoting to the city

Our mission is to create radically improved public space for cities around the globe via innovative street furniture.