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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

In Qumbet we bring the bakery to your doorstep! Our unique kiosk concept allows you to buy freshly made donuts directly on the streets. We are the first to offer this concept to the public and you will have the opportunity to serve the freshest donuts to your customers. We are proud of our craftsmanship and committed to creating the smallest bakery on the streets, which we are sure will bring a smile to everyone's face. And we succeeded.  Kaufland is on its way out of the store chains! 

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Brain Surgery!

Qumbet is the leading retailer kiosk for donuts, providing the most innovative and complex products in the urban furniture sector. Our products are designed to be both portable and easy to set up, allowing us to be ready for any moment or change on the street. We are especially proud of our mini donut bakery kiosks - building these was the most challenging project of our career and we were as excited as a doctor performing brain surgery! Read more about our projects to learn more.

And succesfull case study! 

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